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Good morning, everyone! My name is Utoxin, and this is… oh, this isn’t a video. Right. This is a page dedicated to my YouTube Let’s Play channel. In an effort to do some good for the world, I’ve decided to start encouraging all of my viewers to donate money to a good cause, and I have picked Big Cat Rescue and National Novel Writing Month as my preferred causes. If you have a few dollars to spare, please consider donating to one of them.

I play a variety of games on my channel, but the most frequent by far is Minecraft. Some other games I enjoy are Escape Velocity, Kerbal Space Program, Naev, and FTL. In my videos, I talk about… well, almost anything. I comment about the game I’m playing, about what’s going on in my life, or the rest of the world, and I answer questions and comments from viewers when I get them. I usually post my videos two or three times a week, with occasional fluctuations up and down.

KSP Hard Mode - Episode 8: Establishing A Tradition3/7/14 2:07pm
I've got my better launch vehicle. Now I need better landing skills. The ribbons on the end-card are generated using the tools here: http://ribbons.cgagnier.ca/
Failure Worlds - Episode 6: Failure, On Ice2/15/14 3:00pm
Our continuing adventures in exploring the frozen lands. This time we try a rather larger dungeon. That's full of spiders. We hate spiders. I'm Utoxin. I've ...
X Rebirth - Episode 9: Lost In Space2/14/14 3:30pm
I'm back, and I'm playing the brand new X Rebirth, from Egosoft. This is their re-launch of the X video game series, and I'm loving what they've done so far....
KSP Hard Mode - Episode 8: I need more power!2/10/14 2:26pm
In a futile attempt to collect more science, I try to head back to Minmus. I need a better launch vehicle. The ribbons on the end-card are generated using th...
Failure Worlds - Episode 3: It's Poisonous But It's Food2/8/14 3:00pm
Time to go explore the nether some more. We need lava, and we need some of the nether ores from Tinker's. What we get is a lot of spiders... I'm Utoxin. I've...
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