Proposed changes for ‘Local’ in EVE Online

I just read a great article by one of the CSM candidates for EVE Online, talking about some changes to how the Local channel works, along with changes to scanning and galaxy map intel. All in all, some great points, and I think that maybe Jade Constantine will be getting my vote, when the elections open up.

I have believed for a long time that Local didn’t need to change… but I’m slowly swinging around to the camp that believes that in 0.0 at least, and possibly in Low Sec space, Local should go away. It makes dangerous space both more dangerous, and safer, at the same time. It’s kind of an odd situation.

It’s more dangerous, because you can’t see who else is in the system with you anywhere near as easily, so you can’t be sure whether you just flew into the middle of an enemy fleet, unless you see them. And generally, by the time you see them, it’s much too late. Yes, there will be ways to scan for enemies, but those take time, and unless you have high skills, aren’t 100% accurate.

It’s safer, for exactly the same reason. Your enemies can’t easily see that you’re there, unless they can get eyes on you. In fact, unless they’re actively scanning, or have people watching the gates, it’s even safer than it is currently, because they won’t ever know you passed through their system.

Jade’s proposed solutions are a great answer, in my opinion. It’ll bring a lot of excitement and mystery back to living in 0.0. In fact, it may make it possible for the small corps to establish small inroads into 0.0, without getting caught as soon as they start doing anything worthwhile.

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