Why CakePHP?

There are many frameworks out there for PHP. Too many, even, some might say. So how did I settle on using CakePHP for my prefered framework? Well, to be honest, I think I was just lucky. Chuck, a guy I work with, introduced me to it for a project we were working on, and I reluctantly tried it. The reluctance didn’t last long, however. Within a week or two, I was an avid fan, and a very eager convert. I have since worked on several personal projects, and at least as many paying jobs with CakePHP as the architecture of choice.

The thing I like most about Cake is the strong structure it brings to a project. “But wait!” I hear you say, “All frameworks do that!” Yes, they do. But the structure and methodology of Cake work very well for me. For other people, perhaps Symphony would be better. Or Zend. But my own rather biased opinion is that Cake is better than all the others. I’ve since looked at code written in a handful of other frameworks, and I’ve not been impressed by it. Perhaps it was merely that the code was written by people who didn’t really know what they were doing, so they didn’t properly take advantage of the framework. But I found all the other frameworks I looked at to be needlessly verbose and repetitious.

I also love how flexible Cake is, while still maintaining it’s structure. I can make it do almost anything I need. It may not be as efficient as a hand-coded solution to many problems, but the time it saves me in development is a huge payoff. Nothing I write is likely to ever need high end scalability. And if it does end up needing hand-tuning, then I’ll take the time and effort needed.

So, to make a long story short, I prefer CakePHP because it Just Works. It’s well structured, yet flexible, and it makes sense to me.

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