Monthly Archives: July 2008

Ripping Audiobooks in iTunes

Today, I was going through our CD collection and ripping a bunch of stuff I didn’t have into my iTunes library, just to give the computer something to do while I worked.

I got to some audiobooks / talks, and wanted to import them as audiobooks, so that iTunes would treat them as such. But I couldn’t figure out how to do it, so I Googled around, and found this blog post that explained in great detail how to do it. Now I can set up my talks and audiobooks so that they aren’t part of my real music listings. Hurray.

Song in the Silence

I have been reading a lot lately, when I ride the bus too and from work. I’ve enjoyed all the new books I’ve read, but recently I’ve started to go back and re-read older favorites. It has been a thrill to rediscover the magic in these books that I have read many times.
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Dvorak Typists Rejoice

I’ve been using computers since the early 90’s. Not as long as a lot of people, I know. But one of the first computers we owned was an IBM PC. Either the AT, or the XT, I forget which. But those of you who have used one probably remember the keyboard. It was a tank. It was built to last, and the keys used buckling spring switches, not the modern rubber dome technology. Read more »