Ultimate Cellphone Holster

I got a fun idea the other day at work, and just had to do it. See, for a while I’ve had a little chainmail sleeve for my USB memory stick that I carry all my troubleshooting software on, that I hang on my keychain. It’s very handy, and very sturdy.

So, I thought, why not do the same thing for my cellphone? Well, I couldn’t think of any reason why not. So I’ve started on it. My basic plan is a simple chainmail sleeve with a leather lining, so that the surface of the phone doesn’t get too battered up by the metal rings. I would have liked to used titanium, but I didn’t have enough of it left after making my dice bag a year or two ago. So I ordered some stainless steel rings, and I’m using those. Here’s a picture of the work in progress:

It’s going quite well. I’d originally planned to do a european 4-in-1 weave, but after testing the rings, I discovered that they were loose enough to make a 6-in-1 nice and flexible. So, since I think 6-in-1 looks a ton better anyway, I’m going that route. The main rings are SS1814 from The Ring Lord, and the two anchor rings on the corners are SS1638.

I’m going to use a light suede or calfskin leather of some kind for the lining, ancoring it in the bottom corners by the simple expedient of tying lacing around the anchor rings. The top edge will be fastened to the chainmail with lacing as well, and there will be a loop of chainmail for putting on my belt.

If it works well, I may make one to put up on ebay, and see how it sells. They’ll be pricy, once I factor in labor, but materiels aren’t too bad. I’ll use probably $5 of rings, and about that in leather as well. But labor will be 5-6 hours at least, and possibly as high as 8. Which means I wouldn’t feel good selling them for much less than $100, which I suspect is more than most people would be willing to pay. Who knows though… maybe I’m way off on that. There’s certainly enough people out there that there may be a market for very expensive chainmail cellphone holsters. 🙂

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