Looking Back, and Forwards

Since this seems to be the time of year to do this sort of thing, I decided I would post a bit about the last year, and the year to come. No resolutions per se, but some definite goals, that I hope should be easily achieved. Also, updates about what happened to my little family over the last year.

2008 was an interesting year. It started with my wife in the hospital with chest pains, requiring an overnight stay, and $6,000 in uninsured medical bills. Ouch. It ended with my long term contract with Yahoo coming to and end, but with the intermediate contracting company immediately putting me to work in house because they think I do such good work. That’s mixed… great to still have a job, and to be in demand, but the transition hasn’t been very smooth for me. I’m sure it will improve, as I get used to the new management styles, and figure out their codebase.

My wife graduated from school at the end of 2007 with her teaching certificate, and got a parttime job teaching at a boys home for a few months, having missed the school recruiting season for the next teaching year. Then, once that was over, she found a TA position at a local charter school, which she has been enjoying for the most part. In the last month or so, she’s started sending out feelers to high schools, looking for someone who is hiring, and isn’t a public school.

I finally incorporated this year, formalizing the fact that I’ve been working as a contractor for nearly two years full time. It’s scary, but exciting, and I’m hoping it works out well. If it doesn’t, I can always go back to W2 work, and not have to worry about it anymore, but I think the benefits will be worth it.

Looking ahead to the next year, I have a few goals. First, I am going to continue trying to reach a state of being debt free. I know we won’t accomplish that this year, but with any luck, we can make a significant dent in it. By the end of the year, I would like to have nothing but our car, and my wife’s student loans left to pay off. That includes all my old traffic tickets. Which brings me to my second goal. By the end of the year, I would like to be able to drive again. I’m tired of not having a driver’s license. Next, I plan to read at least 75 books this year, which I don’t think will be too much of a stretch for me, but I’ve never actually counted how many books I read before, so I’m not sure. I would also like to finish a first edit on my 2006 NaNo novel, Dragon Gate Book 1 (Note to self: Get a new title for this), and start trying to submit it to publishers.

Depending on time, I may also participate in Script Frenzy, and try writing a screenplay for the first time. And of course, I’m doing NaNoWriMo again, on my 3rd year as ML for the Utah :: Elsewhere regions. This last year went so wonderfully that I’m still fired up about it, and I’m looking forward to this year with great anticipation.

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