Review: Death By Cliche (Podcast Novel)

I’ve been listening to Death By Cliche for a few weeks now, and greatly enjoying it. It’s a fun podcast novel by Bob Defendi, and you can listen to it yourself at for free.

Overall, it is a very amusing and engaging story, especially if you have ever played D&D, but is accessible enough that you should understand most of the humor even if you haven’t. A few scenes have literally had me laughing out loud, and many of them make me chuckle.

The story is about a game designer who goes to a local gaming store to help out a group of local players, by rescuing them from a horrible DM. He ends up getting shot, and things only go downhill from there. I can’t say much more without spoiling bits of the plot, even if they are early bits, so click on the link below if you want to see more.


Overall, the story has many great characters, and the writing is superb. I’m definately considering buying a dead-tree copy when it’s available, because I’d love to read it again. A 5/5 stars, and something I greatly reccomend you listen to if you enjoy fantasy and/or humor.

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