Review: The World Turned Upside Down

This anthology consists of science fiction (and a few fantasy) short stories, that the editors read when they were young, that they felt left a strong impression on them. They stories selected are chosen more for the authors that wrote them in many cases, than for the specific story itself. But this is not necessarily a bad thing. As the editors state in their comments on several of the stories, the best known stories by the authors in question have been in so many anthologies that they really don’t need to be added to yet another one.

Over all, I greatly enjoyed the selection of stories in this anthology. I had read a small number of them before, but I didn’t mind that, as it had been many years since I read any of them. In recent years, I have read almost exclusively novels by modern authors, with occasional novels from the likes of Asimov or Anderson. There was only one story in the entire collection that I didn’t enjoy, and in this case, I couldn’t even bring myself to finish it. “Spawn” by P. Shuyler Miller. It has some of the worst purple prose I’ve ever read, and it was sickening me within the first two pages of the story. I ended up skipping the majority of the story.

However, overlooking the one fly in the ointment, I must say this was a superb collection of stories, and one that has opened my eyes to some new authors to look at, in my reading later this year. I applaud Baen, Drake, and Flint for their excellenc taste, and look forward to reading some of Drake’s writing later this year as well.

A 5/5, and a definite reccomendation for any fan of scifi.

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