Review – The Hero of Ages

I recieved this book as a contest reward from Library Thing, and I had very high hopes. I had already read the first two books, and was looking forward to the third book eagerly. Unfortunately, it took two months to arrive, during which I was on pins and needles.

So a few weeks ago, it finally arrived, and I’ve been reading it. I’m happy to report that my expectations were met and exceeded in every regard. I felt that book two was somewhat weaker than the first book, though still exceptional. But this book was a big move back in the right direction. Brandon’s writing managed to keep me on the edge of my seat through the whole book, despite the multiple plot threads, and the final conclusion was a very good surprise that made perfect sense, even looking back over the whole trilogy.

The pacing was excellent, and the writing impeccable, as I’ve come to expect from Brandon’s work. Any fans of his other series, or of epic fantasy in general should definately pick up this book, along with the first two in the series. In fact, I strongly reccomend any of his books for anyone who reads fantasy at all.

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