DRM – When will they give up?

Well, it’s happened yet again. Ubisoft came up with a grand new copy protection scheme that was going to stop pirates in their tracks. It would be the holy grail that would make it so only paying customers could use the game. If they had an internet connection. Every time they wanted to play the game. Huh. That sounds… annoying. But if it works, maybe it’ll help. Right?

Well, let’s see… where might we find some information to see how that went for them? Ah… here we go: Ubisoft’s New DRM Cracked in Under 24-Hours. Yep. That’s right. Their much lauded DRM lasted less than a day. How much do you suppose they spent on that? Hundreds of thousands at least. Possibly over a million dollars. For (and let’s be generous) one day of copy protection. Hardly seems worth it. Especially since they also lost sales because of it.

When will the software companies get it? If my computer is capable of running the software, the copy protection is already broken! By definition, you have to give me the key to unlock it for me to be able to use it. At that point, any protection it had is gone. Even dedicated gaming consoles can’t keep their copy protection going forever. The PS3 lasted a remarkably long time, but even it was recently hacked, and all of the others were cracked in weeks or months.

Developers: Save your time and energy, and focus on making the best product you can! Look at Stardock Software. They have no DRM on their software at all. It works just fine without any registration or keys, unless you want to use downloadable content. At that point, they require a registration code. And it WORKS. They get plenty of money, and they save all that time and energy. Everyone should take a lesson from them.

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