Monthly Archives: May 2010

Quick Update

A few things to cover in this update, but I’ll keep it short, and try to have something more substantial for later this week.

First, I’ve hit 25% of my weight loss goal! As of this morning, I’ve lost 25.1 pounds. My trend weight is at 283.9, and heading down at a very steady pace. I’m thrilled, and flabbergasted that it’s going so well.

Second, a couple weeks ago, I took and passed the tests for both Technician and General class, so I am now the proud holder of an amateur radio license. My callsign is KF7JLF, but I’m not on the air yet because I don’t have a radio. I’m in the market for a good handheld or mobile radio, preferably at least VHF/UHF dual band. Can’t afford much right now, but I’d be glad to do some PHP or Perl development in trade. Pass the word if you know any ham operators.

Third, my wife has just launched a blog of her own, where she’ll be doing reviews and who knows what else. She’s just getting her feet wet, but check it out sometime, if you have a minute! You can visit it at

That’s about it for today.