“Let’s Play” – Six Months In

A bit over six months ago, in June of 2012, I decided to be crazy and try being a content producer on YouTube by running a “Let’s Play” channel. For those who don’t know, a Let’s Play channel features video game footage, usually with commentary by the person playing. Pretty much every significant game ever made probably has at least one Let’s Play video on YouTube. There are many thousands of people running channels for Let’s Play and there’s more every day, so this is a very competitive market. So why did I decide to do it?

There are many reasons for why I chose to do the channel. First, I wanted to give myself a challenge that would help me grow and improve myself. I’m a fairly extreme introvert, and figured this was a good way to work on getting over that in a way that would feel pretty safe. Secondly, I enjoy playing video games, and wanted a new way to do it that would help give me some variety. Finally, if I manage to grow a decent audience, it’s actually a fun way to make a little extra money. I’m nowhere near to that point yet even six months in. But I’ll get there.

So… have I achieved my first and second goals? Well… I’m not sure if it’s done anything to help me be less introverted, and I don’t really care. I’m enjoying it, and according to the comments on my videos I’m pretty good at it. And it’s certainly helped me enjoy playing games again, and led me to some new games that I wouldn’t have tried if I hadn’t started watching and recording Let’s Play videos. So I’m just going to say… I don’t care whether it helped me or not, and keep working on improving my channel.

As part of that improvement, my blog site is going to have a lot more content related to what I do on my channel. There will still be posts and information about other things, but they were so rare that I’m not sure it matters anyway. I’ve updated the page for my channel with more information, and a couple ChipIn widgets. Which brings me to my last item… As part of the improvements I am bringing to my channel in the new year, I decided to start encouraging people to give to good causes with their time or money. I have picked two causes that I’m a fan of and I am going to try and raise $250 for each of them this year. These two charities are “Big Cat Rescue” and “National Novel Writing Month“.

NaNoWriMoI’ll address NaNoWriMo first, since its the one I have a longer association with. NaNoWriMo is an event that was created back in 1999 as a challenge to write a novel over the course of a month. They have since grown to have over 350,000 participants every year, and have added in tools for teachers to use in classrooms, to help with literacy education. They do a lot of good for schools and libraries around the world, and I’ve been an active participant and organizer in their local events for nearly a decade.

BCR LogoWriting or literacy not really something you can get excited about? What about rescuing big cats? Big Cat Rescue is a group that specializes in rescuing wildcats from abuse and abandonment. They have been rescuing exotic cats in 1992, and they are currently host to 14 different species including: Lions, tigers, leoparts, cougars, bobcats, servals, ocelots, and many others. Their mission is to provide the best home they can for the cats, and to educate the public about the problems faced by these animals both in captivity and in the wild.

So, if you have a few dollars you’re looking to donate to a worthy cause, I hope you’ll consider one of these two charities. And if neither of them suits you, find something that you can support, and donate your time or money there. I promise I won’t be offended if you want to support something else.

And now… I need to get back to preparing to record my next episode. It’s nearly time to face the Ender Dragon (again).

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