Extra Life #ForTheKids: Huge Fundraising Milestone Today!

extra_life_verticalAs many of my friends are aware, I’ve been working on trying to raise money for an amazing charity that helps out kids who really need it. I’m really excited to be helping out kids, and it’s a cause I deeply care about. As of this writing, the main event is 18 days away, and I just hit a massive milestone. You see, as part of Extra Life, you’re supposed to set a fundraising goal. I chose $100 for my personal goal, and $250 for my Team, the Failure Incorporated gang. I figured these would be challenging goals and I might not reach them, or it would take until the last minute. Silly me.

This morning, my employer (Marketecture) informed me that they would be matching up to $500 in donations made by the 24th. I had raised $50 already, which meant that they immediately put me at my goal of $100. Then I got two more surprise donations, putting my total at $300 after the matching donations. WOW.

So, I’m now extremely excited about my upcoming stream. I’ve got plans for a lot of fun audience participation, and I’ll be doing game giveaways to anyone who donates that connects their email to the donation. (I have to have some way to contact them after all.) I will also be running Donor’s Choice time slots during my stream, and a Donor Participation UHC tournament. I will be trying to finalize the game list for the giveaways and for the Donor’s Choice slots this week, and getting my Twitch channel description filled out with all the details.

Here’s the relevant links, for those who are curious:

YouTube – Going Viral

Just a short post today, discussing my last year of running a YouTube channel. By and large, it’s been a lot of work, but I’ve also had a great time. My channel has been slowly growing. As of last Wednesday, I was at just shy of 150 subscribers, and I was quite pleased. I was slowly getting more and more views on my videos, and my average ad revenue per month was up over a dollar. In fact, I had just earned enough to get my first $10 payment from AdSense.
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“Let’s Play” – Six Months In

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Useful Shell Script – Swap Usage

Just ran across this link on Stack Overflow, and it showed me how to find out what processes are using swap, and how much. This is handy information on occassion, and something I’ve always been curious about. So… without further ado:


Pushing My Boundaries

A small branch of manzanita, growing over an old dead log in Bryce Canyon.

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