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Pushing My Boundaries

A small branch of manzanita, growing over an old dead log in Bryce Canyon.

In the last couple years, I’ve noticed a change in my approach to life. For several years, I was largely content to just coast along in most areas of my life, living by the philosophy of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But recently I started making choices that pushed my boundaries, doing things that were new to me or outside my comfort zone. Read more »

Amateur Radio: On Acting Like Professionals

I felt compelled to write this post after a recent experience I had volunteering for the Kat’cina Mosa 100K Mountain Run. I was one of the two radio operators for Aid Station 3. The race is a 100 Kilometer Mountain Run, that starts at 3 AM, and runs for nearly 24 hours. Aid Station 3 is early in the course, and the first runners reach it 2-3 hours after the start of the race. Read more »

Ham Radio Update

I’ve been getting much more active in ham radio lately, and have helped a local group I joined put up a website. I also just finished installing an antenna on my car to go with my handheld radio. Feel free to go read my post over on the site I set up for them.

I should also soon have an HF base station. I’m simply waiting for the check for some side work to come in. As soon as it arrives, I’ll be buying an IC-756 radio. It’s about 10 years old, but I couldn’t care less, and can’t wait to be able to listen to and talk to people all over the US and (hopefully) the world.