I work on many projects on the side, in addition to my day job. Most of these never see the light of day, but below is a list of the ones that have made it out into the public and a little bit about them.

BayesSpam – SquirrelMail Plugin

BayesSpam is one of my oldest projects, and is currently not maintained for various reasons. It was a Bayesian spam filter written as a plugin to SquirrelMail. It worked quite well, but it had significant performance issues on busy mail servers, so I eventually gave up on it. It was written in PHP, and worked with PostgreSQL and MySQL. It is still the most downloaded spam plugin listed on the SquirrelMail website.

I may someday revisit this plugin, and replace it with something better, but I don’t have the time or interest in this currently.


TweeterDiet is a weight loss and dieting website based on The Hacker’s Diet. It uses Twitter to broadcast your progress to help encourage accountability and use peer pressure to assist you in your weight loss journey. I have personally lost 55 pounds while using the website, and I’m continuing my journey to 100 pounds of weight lost. You can read more about it on the specific page about this project.


More updates and information coming soon…

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